Updating brass shower doors

Updating brass shower doors

Just tossing that out there for anyone who might be doing this (who may want extra “insurance” that the spray will hold).

So it was out the window with step one, and on to step two: deglossing.

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Actually, the exterior sprayed shots above show the true color really well. Although I must admit that after I sprayed the underside of the knob, the scratches were hardly noticeable.

It still looks like that inside, it’s just seemingly impossible to get it on film. So maybe if you’re a staunch rule follower (and not a freaked out walrus impersonator like me) you could get away with the sanding step. I just didn’t trust myself to do it all in one consistent direction (aka: not make a hot mess that was oh so obvious after the spray-job).

I just used some rubber gloves and a rag to apply Next Liquid Deglosser (which is low-VOC and biodegradable) and then let everything dry a little so it wasn’t soaking wet before moving onto step three: applying one thin coat of spray primer.

Like I said, my name is Sherry, and I’m addicted to oil-rubbed bronze.

Also, be sure to move things like latches back and forth between coats to make sure you can access all areas of the hardware with spray paint. I can’t speak to the long-term durability of this process since it has only been… But I can tell you that reinstalling them went really smoothly and everything works just as well as it used to and nothing was even remotely marred or dinged during installation or in the past two days since.

So I guess we’ll check back in with an update about how they hold up over the long haul (these doors are used every single day thanks to a dog who loves going in and out). And it definitely beats buying all new hardware (we figured we didn’t have anything to lose in trying to make the old stuff work before resorting to trashing it and splurging for all new hardware).

The hardware on our sliding doors in the living room looked like this: So as you can probably tell from the photo above (duh) down they came. Some folks weren’t as crusty as others, but they were all well past their prime. The sandpaper left tons of obvious scratches in the gold finish that I knew wouldn’t completely be covered by thin coats of primer and spray paint.

Luckily I realized the knob would be installed with that part underneath, so only Clara-height children may be able to see the slightly roughed up texture on the underside. Update: A few smarter-than-me commenters recommended trying steel wool or super high grit automotive sandpaper to rough up the surface, so I plan to try that next time.

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