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Traditional hindu dating styles

Manu suggested that of them, 1-6 were lawful for Brahmanas, 3-6 for Kshatriyas, and 4-6 for Vaisyas and Sudras. In most classifications, the first four are considered auspicious and lawful, and the last four are considered unlawful and inauspicious.Although we do not find any descriptions of it in the law books, it appears that in ancient times the Brahma type marriage was practiced by the Brahmanas since it led to the birth of virtuous progeny, and the Daiva type by the Kshatriyas, since gods like Indra, Varuna, or Soma, who acted as the witnesses to the marriage were warrior gods.It was probably not true that the law books invented the eight types.

They are considered increasingly lawful in the ascending order, and increasingly unlawful in the descending order, according to the karma and the progeny they produce and how far they comply with the tenets of the faith.For example, in all the ceremonial practices associated with Hindu marriages, the bride is invariably referred to as maiden (kanya) only, not as woman, as evident from the following.1.In the marriage, acceptance of the bride by the groom is called kanya- grahanam.2.The evidence that the Hindu law books intended the sacrament of marriage for maidens only and men were meant to marry only maidens as part of their family tradition and professional duties can be found in the tradition of Hindu marriage itself.It becomes obvious when you consider the names that are used to describe the various customs and practices of a typical Hindu marriage.

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The classification was done mainly according to the manner in which the bride was chosen by the groom and the specific rituals and practices that were associated with each type of marriage.

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