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Newton’s done a wide range of work from action (“Chronicles of Riddick”) to drama (“The Pursuit of Happyness”), though she’s still treated as second tier as far as most sought-after black actresses.

Approaching age 39, she has that eternally youthful look but she still comes off as mature in all her roles.

Her last big role was in last year’s “Clash of the Titans” as the kind-of love interest Andromeda, but the part was recast for the sequel for reasons unknown, so her future remains a mystery.

— How many beautiful women has Michael Bay helped shoot to fame?

My first order of business when the site debuted was to put together a few of the ever-popular “Top 10” lists on things I felt rather certain of. “Top 10 Brunette Beauties.” I’ve never been shy about my actress crushes. You might have seen some articles here and there applauding the careers of some of these ladies on the site.

Now that two years have gone by and I’ve re-read that post, there are some serious injustices that I need to address.

Yet being male and denying Fox is hot is just that — denial.

If you seriously feel that way and mean it, you need to go get your testosterone levels checked.

You might be wondering when I’m going to give the blondes some love. to say a list isn’t in the works would be a downright lie.The French-born actress gets her distinctive European features from a Greek father and a French mother. Her career hasn’t gone very far since her first big role alongside Vin Diesel in “The Chronicles of Riddick,” but she always looks good and acting is in her blood, literally, as her mother and grandfather both acted. — Hathaway broke away from teen roles in “Princess Diaries” (her debut) and “Ella Enchanted” in a hurry to become a household name and she’s still not even 30!She doesn’t have any standout features per se, but she’s a generally beautiful woman.

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