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The Borough Engineer or a Borough employee designated in writing by the Borough Engineer to sign certificates of inspection for the purpose of lateral inspections and to issue certificates of lateral compliance.That part of the drainage system that extends from the end of the building drain and conveys the discharge (sewage) to a public sewer, private sewer, individual sewage disposal system or other point of disposal.To hold yourself out as one of the best, you must be one of the most experienced delco criminal defense attorneys, you must know the courts, the procedures, and the court personnel.Our experience, personalized strategies, and rate of success set us apart.Includes any dwelling, unit, firm, association, organization, public corporation, political subdivision (including the Borough of Upland), county, district, the State of Pennsylvania, or the United States of America, or any department or agency thereof.It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to perform all required maintenance and to keep the lateral(s) in good condition as defined by this article.In cases involving the enforcement of this article, the Solicitor of DELCORA or its designee may cause subpoenas to be issued for witnesses for the prosecution and may conduct the hearing on behalf of the Borough of Upland.The DELCORA Local Limitations for the Eastern Service Area (the "Eastern Limitations") and the DELCORA Local Limitations for the Western Service Area (the "Western Limitations"), as set forth in DELCORA Resolution 2011-01, attached hereto as Exhibit B,[1] is hereby adopted as the local limitations for all discharges of wastewater in the Borough of Upland.

A device or valve installed in the building drain or sewer pipe where a sewer is subject to backflow and which prevents drainage or waste from backing up into a lower level or fixtures and causing a flooding condition.Every day that each violation continues of this article and/or DELCORA's Standards, Rules and Regulations, as amended, shall constitute a separate offense.The Borough of Upland hereby appoints DELCORA, or its designee, as its agent having the power of the Borough of Upland to institute proceedings in the name of the Borough of Upland against any and all persons, firms or corporations who or which violate the provisions of this article.For the purpose of this requirement, any sewer lateral on private property (e.g., rear yards and side yards) shall be considered as a lateral and is to be connected to DELCORA's sewer main.Every building or structure with plumbing fixtures requiring drainage on a property must have its own lateral connected to DELCORA's main.

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