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Click on the tab shortcut, in the Target line you see probably the following: C:\srcds\Now we need to add the following behind this line to get the server started properly.-console -game cstrike ip maxplayers 20 map de_dust Of course you fill in your IP (whatismyip ( you can change the maxplayers and which map you want to start the server with. So the complete line would be like this: C:\srcds\-console -game cstrike ip maxplayers 20 map de_dust Click OK when finished.) type the following in the command line or copy from here: hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir c:\srcds This will download all the server files needed to run a Standalone Source Dedicated Server.Once finished retrieving the files, this text will appear: HLDS installation up to date If it's not working the first time then try again, again and again : D From time to time you will need to update your server, just follow the same steps to do this or make a batch file ( [b]Creating a shortcut to run the server Go to your C:\srcds directory. Now right click on the newly created shortcut and go to properties.Afterwards save the file as in the following directory: C:\srcds\cstrike\cfg\ // Use this file to configure your SOURCE DEDICATED server.// This config file is executed everytime the server changes levels.And thx Bones & Needforspeed for making those extra guides! CFG First some info for CS 1.6 Server Admins: If you have setup CS 1.6 servers or other non-Source servers before then I recommend not using those 's anymore, because some commands have changed or are not working anymore!Here you can find a Source cvarlist so you can compare it with your old 's or you can use the below: Source cvarlist ( This Source cvarlist is from nov 2004, if you want the latest or if the link is not working, you will have to do the following: Start your server (in console mode), when it's started type the following in the serverwindow: cvarlist log A lot of text appears, but you can close your server if you want.

Scroll your mouse and in a reply I made you will find more info about RCON and little info about MOD's.s=&threadid=216232) you can find some other suggestions, where you may find an answer. If you used my you can see these settings in the title “SET RATES”. s=&threadid=98416): bandwidth X 128 / server size = sv_maxrate Example: If you have an upload of 768 Kbps and you want a 24 player server, then the formula goes like this: 768 x 128 / 24 = sv_maxrate 4096 Drek's thread will get you in a direction, but I think it comes down to trial and error. More Info Keep the following websites in mind, they will give you more info about Source Dedicated Server in the future: Credits I have used and copied info from websites and this forum, thx Sublime Solutions ( Drek, Paulius, sgtpain and everyone else for giving this info.The only credit I get is collecting this info, nothing more.I'll show you how to change this welcome sreen, just scroll with your mouse to a reply I made.Changing the Mapcycle If you want to change your mapcycle all you have to do is open

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In your cstrike folder you will now find a file and you can open this with Word, this is the latest Source cvarlist.

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