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Just if you are male [or] female and what you are looking for," founder Jonathan Bird told Crave.You can sign up for free and start searching for "Star Trek" singles in your area. You can create a list of favorite singles and send winks to let them know you're interested.The Klingons were a humanoid warrior species that originated from the planet Qo'no S (pronounced Kronos), an M-class planet in the Beta Quadrant.One of the major powers of the galaxy, the Klingons were a proud, tradition-bound people who valued honor and combat.Phlox of the Earth starship Enterprise was able to formulate a cure that halted the genetic effects of the virus in the first stage.This retained the changes in appearance, along with some minor neural re-ordering.

Previously, Klingon society was regarded as socially balanced, but over time, the warrior caste gained greater prominence, to the point where the Klingons widely came to be regarded as a "warrior race." (") In the 24th century, Martok, a general of the Klingon Defense Force, sought out Starfleet physician Julian Bashir to treat a wound Martok received during the Dominion War, opining that "Klingons make great warriors but terrible doctors." (") Because of their aggressive outlook, the Klingons generally had poor relations with other races after they began to move out into space.

You don't have to be a master linguist to win a fellow fan over.

It's the little things that can make a relationship sparkle like a particle beam or explode like a damaged warp core.

Perhaps showing off your knowledge of obscure "Star Trek" trivia is enough, or better yet, comparing It's easy to get started on Trek

"We don't need to know if you are a Vulcan, Klingon or a Romulan.

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Following the disastrous first contact between Klingons and Humans in the Broken Bow Incident, tense rivalries and unavoidable conflicts often developed between the two races.

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