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I recently helped a client move an existing dating site from a custom ASP/MS-SQL system to an off the shelf PHP/mysql platform.

The off the shelf software we ended up choosing was Ska Date.

If you are looking for your “*****”, “****”, “*****”, “cow”, or “daughter”, I am not for you. I am happy being what I am because I feel it is what I was born to be. But I need someone to control me, to punish me, an to tell me when I can't eat, when I can pee, how I can pee, when I can touch my body .

If you are looking for a partner to walk beside you in public and a submissive in the bedroom, please continue reading. I am looking for females from anywhere who want to be slaves too. I can obedience you, listen to everything you say to me. general, and every time I get on to thoughts about this, I always go back to my place as a submissive, and the want to have a Master who will love me and help me to grow into the person I am to become.

While all of those who have joined this group are out there looking for a master.

I am on the opposite side of things i'm not looking for a master im looking for a slave or pet depending on your view of things.

I am a master who is looking for a submissive girl who wants to be trained and taught how to act.

(Max provided some design, system configuration and project management, and I focused on back end system setup and data migration.) Updated 4/2: We used Ska Date 7.5, versions 14. Skadate pluses: I think Ska Date is a good choice for a basic dating site; if you need just the features in the demo and you’re willing to spend some time unraveling the administration UI and you are on a tight budget.

Silk got that twisted attitude from Master P, who said he wanted to have a mixed child he could get into show business and profit off of and stay in the limelight. Sonya, his wife or whatever you wanna call her know, is strung out on heavy duty drugs because of all his affairs and outside kids.

The Filipino mother of Cymphonique stays out of the spotlight, orders given by Master P.

(MY LIMITS - NO PICTURES, NO BIG BRUISES OR HARMFUL THINGS AND NO *** FINGERING ) Thank you for reading...please I am very SERIOUS it's not a joke...

I confronted my partner about some of the things I've posted here and even though we were on the same page, so I though because that's what he said, but I guess it wasn't really what he wanted because I'm now single and missing a Dominant from my life so badly at the moment im 20.

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That’s why sources say the music mogul recently advised his younger brother ‘Silk Da Shocker’ to break-up with singer Mya, and find a Filipina woman to impregnate. This news comes as one of Master P’s six children, half-Filipina daughter Cymphonique Miller, is heartbroken after her “How To Rock” Nickelodean television show was cancelled.

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