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Drake equation applied dating

For instance, Backus could improve his estimate of the proportion of women who find him attractive by analysing his major histocompatibility complex (MHC), a key component of the immune system.It's well established that people are more likely to be attracted to individuals with different MHCs, perhaps because any offspring are likely to have a more diverse, and thus more effective, immune system.

That amounts to 0.00017% of the UK’s population, or 0.0014% of Londoners.Pro-active endeavors are ongoing to answer this intriguing question about extraterrestrial life, based on the assumption that, perhaps, alien civilizations elsewhere are sending out signals to contact us, and we should make assays to pick up these signals and get in touch with them.Given the fact that our sun is only a single star in a collection of over 400 billion in the Milky Way galaxy, and the Milky Way is only one of some 50-100 billion galaxies in the universe, as observable by the Hubble Space Telescope, there does seem to be the possibility that there could be a substantial amount of life out there.Although there is no unique solution to this equation, it is a generally...In 1961, Frank Drake wrote down an equation for the chance of a contactable alien civilization from another planet in the Milky Way Galaxy.

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Therefore, the SETI League says the importance of the Drake equation is not in solving it, but in thinking about it.

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