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It is not the intent of this brief article to "cover in-depth" every single aspect in detail, I am about focusing in on a selected number of anomalies that undermine "sincere misguided attempts" to use Rohl's re-dating proposals to establish biblical Rohl has argued that the Pelest arriving in Canaan in Pharaoh Rameses III's days are not the Philistines of Abraham's days.

We will put aside this argument as it is not germane to the discussion at hand.

Jonathan eventually succeeds in routing the Philistine forces which flee westwards from Michmash to Aijalon (1 Sam ).

If Rohl is correct about Solomon being a Late Bronze Age king, then we should expect to find evidence that ALL of these places, not just SOME of these places, existed in Late Bronze Age times of Samuel and Saul.

This places Saul in the midst of the Amarna period, in which Egypt suffered under weak leaders.

In the Conventional Dating Rameses II is dated circa 1279-1212 B. C., in effect, Goldberg is making a Late Bronze Age monarch (Late Bronze ending 1200 B.

C.) a contemporary of Saul who, in the Conventional Chronolgy is _not_ a Late Bronze Age ruler, but an Iron Age monarch (Iron Age I beginning circa 1200 B. We learn from the book of Samuel, that this prophet "judged Israel all the days of his life" by traversing a circuit which included several places, Bethel, Gilgal, Mizpah and Ramah, the latter being his home (1Sam ).

All sites investigated within Benjamin (the high-tableland, not Jericho) are marked by numbers which are then explained in some detail as to what the occupancy levels are.

The Periods run from Chalcolithic (Stone Age) to the Ottoman Period.

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Between 19, for four consecutive years, exhaustive archaeological "surface surveys," -collecting shards from the topsoil- were undertaken by the Israeli Antiquities Authority to establish the archeological occupational parameters for most of the sites within the tableland of the former tribal territory of Benjamin (the survey did not explore the area of Jericho and the Arabah). I must observe here, with some surprise and consternation, that Rohl and the scholars he has gathered about him to champion his re-dating and synchronization efforts, are apparently ignorant of this very important survey, for had they studied it they would have realized the impossibility of Saul and David being Late Bronze Age kings!

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