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OK so he’s a fucking liar, but still, what a tzadik! It’s like every Jewish mother’s wet dream – Jews want their children to either be a Doctor or be married to a Doctor.Unaffiliated Jews: According to all the major Jewish demographic studies, the fastest growing denomination in Judaism isn’t Orthodox or Conservative or Reform. These mamzerim (bastards), it’s feared, are going to cause the end of Judaism. It’s like the ideal profession – combining respectability, implied intelligence and a good, steady income, as well as the attendant bragging rights for the parent involved. Your Ph D in English Literature might allow you to use the designation “Doctor,” but really, your Mother cries herself to sleep every night wondering where she went wrong. They tried to keep the Jews Jewish by not letting them into their clubs, schools and daughters’ pants, but the Jews are an obstinate bunch – it says so in the Torah!Add to that the existence of many establishments that sell Old Timey Jewish Food and really, it’s no wonder the Jews love the State of Florida. It’s a sort of game where the winner is the one with the most horrific disease. I mean if you had a headache for an hour, and it made you feel bad, when your friend tells you he has cancer of the eye it helps put everything into perspective and then you don’t feel so bad. They try to entice them with free stuff, hip music, money even sex!Clearly your friend is a tzadik, a righteous person. Unaffiliated Jews tend to not contribute to their community institutions or causes, yet they are an endless source of fascination and longing for the Jews. I feel like it’s such a cliché that it’s almost not worth talking about.In May 2011, the Wasp placed 99th on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes of All Time, Janet van Dyne debuted in Tales to Astonish #44 (plotted by Stan Lee, scripted by H. Huntley, and drawn by Jack Kirby) as Henry "Hank" Pym's partner, becoming the Wasp to avenge the death of her father, scientist Vernon van Dyne.

Of course it is important to honor your dead, but often times Jews use the Holocaust as the central tenet of their identities, as if before the Holocaust, there was no good reason to be a Jew.Consequently Jewish communal resources are inordinately dedicated to Holocaust-based organizations, Museums and memorials.Is it any wonder that newer generations of Jews are uninterested in an identity based on virtual necrophilia?Validation from the Goyim: Jews sometimes behave like Canadians. In Canada, the quickest way for an emerging artist, writer or musician to be taken seriously is to achieve success south of the border.It’s as if popularity in America is the ultimate validation – the greatest proof that someone is worth being taken seriously. Like what’s the ultimate compliment you can give to a kosher restaurant?

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