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The notary cannot perform a notarial act over a document that is missing pages, or that contains blanks that should be filled-in prior to the notarial act.

If missing pages cannot be presented to the notary, or if the signer does not know how to deal with the blanks in the document, the notary cannot proceed.

When taking an oath, a person swears a pledge and invokes a Supreme Being (“I swear this is the truth, so help me God”).

Persons who do not wish to invoke a Supreme Being in their pledge may make an affirmation (“I affirm this is the truth”).

Documents requiring an oath or affirmation MUST be signed in the presence of the notary.

This is dictated by the customary language of the jurat (notarial certificate for an oath/affirmation); for example, “Subscribed [signed] and sworn-to/affirmed before me this (date) day of (month), (year).”If a document presented for an oath/affirmation has already been signed, the notary must require the signer to sign the document again, in the notary’s presence.

A notary’s ability to fully evaluate a document signer’s identification, basic understanding of the transaction and free will would be diminished Some document transactions require that the signer make a formal declaration before a notary, thereby “acknowledging” execution (signing) of the document.

Specifically, the signer verbally acknowledges that: Documents requiring acknowledgment can be signed earlier than or at the time of notarization.

Go to "The “golden rule” of every notarial act, whether it is paper-based or electronic, is the physical presence of the signer before the notary.

Physical presence of the signer is so important that notaries who fail to require it can be charged with a crime and punished.

One of the notary’s main responsibilities is to determine, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the person who has come for a notarial act is the same person named in the document as the signer.

For signature witnessing, a document signer will personally appear before a notary and will present the document to be signed.

The notary will positively establish the identity of the signer through personal knowledge of the signer, or by examining satisfactory evidence of identification.

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A document that was previously signed, then faxed, is NOT an original document.

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