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I also like Geordi's interaction with Data, but also with Troi, Picard and Crusher, and especially with Riker.Actually, a filler scene of the two in engineering was filmed several weeks after the end of the regular shooting schedule because the editors ran out of footage.The interaction between Deanna and Loquel as well as between Worf and Byleth is very amusing, and never gets ridiculous.It is my impression that the events on the Enterprise were meant to be only the secondary plot.Liaisons Interface Gambit I/IIPhantasms Dark Page Attached Force of Nature Inheritance Parallels The Pegasus Homeward Sub Rosa Lower Decks Thine Own Self Masks Eye of the Beholder Genesis Journey's End Firstborn Bloodlines Emergence Preemptive Strike All Good Things See TNG season 6 Stardate not given: Picard welcomes two Iyaaran ambassadors, Byleth and Loquel, aboard his ship, before embarking a shuttle with a third Iyaaran, the pilot Voval, to meet with their leader.Picard assigns Riker to tend to Byleth, but the Iyaaran insists on staying with Worf.

Troi, on the other hand, finds herself escorting the gentle Loquel, who is longing for entertainment and any kind of culinary pleasures above all.

His attachment to his mother, combined with his faith in technology and technobabble makes him blind (sorry for the pun) for what is really going on.

Fortunately he gets a chance to redeem himself and save the aliens thanks to the same special equipment and abilities that got him into trouble in the first place.

Captain Picard, however, has the sad duty to inform Geordi that the USS Hera, the starship of his mother Silva, is missing with all hands.

Geordi does not want to mourn yet and carries on with his mission.

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Picard initially likes the sympathetic woman, but soon notices she sabotages his attempts of getting rescued.

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