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A few last scraps of gravel kicked out of the tire treads and then silence enveloped him. He considered himself no different from the armies of people who routinely coddled the wealthy, constantly persuading them to buy things they did not need. He had refined his skills to where he had high hopes that a fourth conviction would never materialize.He took a moment to adjust to the surroundings and then pulled out a pair of worn but still effective night-vision binoculars. A good many of his sixty-odd years had been spent in assorted medium- and then maximum-security correctional facilities along the East Coast. There was absolutely nothing mysterious about the ramifications of another bust: he would be looking at the full twenty years. They might as well fry him, which was the way the Commonwealth of Virginia used to handle its particularly bad people.The all-star cast included Gene Hackman, Ed Harris, Laura Linney, Scott Glenn, Dennis Haysbert and Judy Davis. And the only punches he had ever thrown were in bars, and those only in self-defense as the suds made men braver than they should have been.CHAPTER 1 He gripped the steering wheel loosely as the car, its lights out, drifted slowly to a stop. Luther only had one criterion in choosing his targets: he took only from those who could well afford to lose it.

He imagined it was somewhat like how the batter felt as he nonchalantly trotted the bases, taking all the time in the world, after newly bruised leather had landed somewhere in the street.But not for simple burglary; even the good Virginians had their limits. Homes in this area sprawled across enough earth with enough splendor to qualify for their own appellation.Yet with all that at risk he couldn't take his eyes off the home -- mansion, of course, one would be compelled to call it. The irony of his target's name, the Coppers, was not lost upon him.Based on historian Lord Acton's famous saying that "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely", the series focuses on the Machiavellian scheming that goes on in the backstabbing world of modern public relations.In its Radio 4 incarnation, Prentiss and Mc Cabe's involvements were almost always political, with the pair often finding themselves fighting on behalf of opposing clients.

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