Meet and fuck no upgrade online dating sites for single women

Meet and fuck no upgrade

Stay away as you will waste your time and energies..a worthwhile site.

I have switched to OKCUPID and have enjoyed the experience much more than the loser site POF. I knew what was going on immediately, I was being cat fished by computer avatars , users that haven't been online for 2 years , at least they responded to my complaint and refunded the money , stay on , it is what it is but its real . Doesn't offer any privacy or security whatsoever.

The men vastly outnumber the women and by the sound of it the men are that desperate they will message anyone.

so basically its like the lottery Because of all the mail they get all the women on there have a huge attitude problem and think they are all that which they arent when you get average looking women saying IF YOU JUST SAY HI YOUR MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED then you know it aint good then you check their profile and its blank Very rude women on there.

Like I said telling you if you dont message a decent message you will be deleted, how about just be grateful you get messages? " with the messages they get how is it not possible to find a decent man? Mingle2day is a good alternative but you need to upgrade your profile in order to use the whole functionality.

Then all this nonsense about wanting a guy above such a height and must have a beard and look like Tom Hardy etc I dont want to date a woman that has an attitude problem on her profile. These women arent keepers or someone would have kept them at their age Lotds of 30/40s somethings who somehow not been wed and still looking for the one. Was last on the site in 2013 and after 30mins I saw familair faces with the same photos up so they not changed in 4 years and still using old photos. Thats if they ever meet and dont just do it for the attention Tried to log into POF yesterday and couldnt. Anyway, both sites are completely different but both are worth joining.

They don't give any reason or warning as to why they lock your account and their technical support is pretty much non existent Refusing refund for personal info compromise: OKCupid allows users, even non paying ones to opt out of allowing your profile and pictures to auto link to google search. Total waste of time if you;re a man I was messaging a woman who was okay looking nothing great and she told me she had got 104 messages since she signed up a hour ago and she couldnt keep up.Saying that no excuse for messaging someone asking how they are only to be ignored.I joined this site about five years ago, two years after the death of my wife.I guess my sarcasm of messaging the ignorant women "who do you think you are not even giving me the courtesy of a reply? Odd they can report me but not reply If you are a guy there is no point in signing up. Odds are better than this site POF where average women develop an attitude think theyre a diva Unfortunately, many fake profiles. I ordered a case that did not fit and when I went to return it they immediately credited me my refund within an hour.The service was so quick and efficient I ordered two more items. I have had a POF account before, can't seem to create a new one that sticks around for more than a few hours. When you try to reset the password it never sends anything to the email address.

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The "meet me" feature is computer generated to get free subscribers to "upgrade". 70% are asian women looking for a husband to stay in the US.

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