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It accounts for millions of non-fatal hospital admissions and over 800,000 deaths annually, a life every 40 seconds.Projections estimate mortalities to almost double to 1.53 million by 2025; with a further 15 to 30 million cases of attempted suicide, thereby demonstrating the major global health burden that suicide represents., the overall suicide rate was marginally higher in HIC than low and middle-income countries (LMIC), 12.7 per 100,000 and 11.2 per 100,000 respectively.

A History of Suicide A civil war that spanned over 25 years (1983-2009) left the country in social disintegration with an estimated 100,000 lives lost.But the widespread basic healthcare system available in Sri Lanka is admirable considering its economic profile.An extensive network of government funded public health units exists alongside a robust private sector providing basic health care to the majority. The conflict-ridden history of the country has meant that suicide has been a major burden of the previous three decades, nevertheless the measures and interventions implemented by the governing body has shown to positively impact suicide mortality rates, particularly legislations on pesticides.But the numbers of attempted suicides continue to increase, highlighting the inadequate attention given to the central determinants of suicidal behaviour.

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Controlling Suicide Mortality Targeting the means of suicide have shown to be effective in reducing mortality, in the UK legislation on the sale quantities of paracetamol have shown to lessen hospitalisations and case fatalities due to overdose; such alarming statistics provoked the government to introduce laws prohibiting import of highly toxic organophosphate compounds in 1995 and chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides like endosulfans in 1998.

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