Jasmna webcam room

Jasmna webcam room

Frank Rieger of “Chaos Computer Club” was also on our Transmediale panel.He had rather a lot to say about Germans having their privacy rudely invaded by the major players of the Io T.We had some slides in Berlin to illustrate our twenty-minute presentation.To firmly demonstrate that we mean an actual house, these pictures were not mere digital jpegs projected on the Transmediale screen, but big physical sheets of wallpaper.Aggressive surveillance marketing is not a part of our Casa Jasmina business model.In fact, since we’re a house, we don’t even have a “business model” at all.There has never been much electronic art made directly “for the home.” Also, while “Internet art” is pretty common nowadays, there’s scarcely any “Internet of Things art.” Obviously Casa Jasmina needs some artwork of this kind. What kind of art can one expect to see and experience, when every flow of data through the place is run by one vendor?At Casa Jasmina we’re going to bring in some working artists, discuss these urgent matters, and take some action.

Immediately afterward, quite a number of women came from the audience to talk to Jasmina. Nobody’s building a smart house that lets the women in the house give more love and care to people.It’s pretty clear to us already that Casa Jasmina will have a lot of electronic gizmos inside it.At Transmediale we premiered one of the first — the Casa Jasmina “Crowdplot” or “Wall Plotter.” We also discussed our ambition to get ourselves a cute robot mascot.If you are in a fully-instrumented Internet of Things house with remote controls, sensors and video cams, how does that affect the family?Most Internet of Things home vendors want to sell a lot of hardware and services to anybody who is willing to pay the purchase price.

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