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Marwa Rakha (born 1978) is an Egyptian relationship and dating expert.

Rakha is a widely cited relationship and advice personality in Egypt and the Arab World, frequently appearing in both print and broadcast media formats, especially talk shows, and she is well known for her controversial views on dating and virginity.

This is a country in which 92 percent of females have had to endure female genital mutilation and is considered to be “the worst Arab state for women.”As a foreign visitor in this country, I am spared from family pressures to marry a man I've never met and feeling the need to hide my hair underneath a head scarf.

Most Egyptian women around me, however, deal with these issues on a daily basis.

In May 2008, she launched an Arabic radio show and in June she launched an English version.

She currently teaches marketing at the American University in Cairo and writes for three English language magazines, one Arabic newspaper and magazine, and two websites.

On the Cairo metro, the daily mode of transportation for over 4 million Egyptians, the number is much higher.Despite me knowing that most of these women choose to cover up and are in no way forced to, some reasons women give me for wearing head scarves shed light on the environments they live in.Many Egyptian women have told me that protection from lustful stares are a factor for their desire to hide a part of their physical beauty, next to the self-evident reasons of obedience toward the religion and their families.Women wearing head scarves because they feel a necessity to protect themselves from unruly male behavior is a problem.Family pressure adds to the mix, and not only when it comes to a female appearance.

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Different social circles have different customs; that's no different in Egypt.

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