Chat tubes

Chat tubes

They were different parts of the eyeball and since we were visual — we were already doing these costumes and characters such as the cowboy or Carmen Miranda — that seemed to fit. That we were open enough to make fun of our culture and it kind of struck home, especially with the girls.

The story goes that whoever put in Tubes, Rods and Bulbs put mayonnaise on the piece of paper, which is why Sandwich picked out that one. My god you guys have tits everyday with Page 3, but America didn’t have that.

I mean – look at what happens on a Friday and Saturday night after a few drinks.

Back in the 70’s, The Tubes were the bad-ass boys of rock ’n’ roll, shocking audiences with their notorious on-stage antics.

A new wave of nervous commuters will now arise, worried that they’re going to burn in social hell if they aren’t open for a chat with person next to them wearing an unnaturally wide grin for the morning and sporting a 'Tube Chat?

' badge There is nothing I enjoy more on my morning commute than listening to my music, reading a book, or perusing a newspaper.

Now, let’s be clear here: it is great to speak to people on public transport.

I often do it - a nice chat on the bus with the old man who lives round the corner, or a discussion about something that’s occurring on said bus, say perhaps when it’s all kicking off and everyone is having a good laugh about the situation.

Fee: You know the last time we went to Brighton and played Concorde 2, that was the first thing we did! You know my family on my dad’s side is English and they were from Brighton.

A few years later, in 1983, you opened for Bowie on some dates of the Serious Moonlight tour. Fee: We did a bunch of shows with him on that tour, it was David Bowie and The Tubes and the opening act was Peter Gabriel. And next year we’re going to try and do a couple of festivals in Europe and play some other places we haven’t been to before like Ireland and Scandinavia. So after 40 years, there’s still new markets to conquer!

At that point, he had moved on from the Genesis theatrics and wasn’t doing anything like that. He used to stand at the side of the stage and watch us every night. Fee: Yeah, as long as everybody’s having fun we’ll be on the road!

And more than anything, that was down to lead vocalist, Fee Waybill. Roger’s band played for a number of years as a trio and one day they kicked the bass player out of the band and they couldn’t find another guy who was suitable. At the time, I became the background singer, because they already had roadies, so we worked as The Beans for a while.

Without him it’s unlikely they would have lasted so long. Some friends of ours from Phoenix were in a band called The Beans and they had also moved to San Francisco on our recommendation. But then another band from New Jersey came out with an album and they were also called The Beans. We sat down and everybody came up with ten names which we put in a bowl.

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Indeed, their last studio album was released way back in 1996.

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