Altrnative sex chat

Altrnative sex chat

Maybe you’ll find your g-spot, or an erogenous zone you didn’t know you had.”’ Experimenting with a new vibrator can also lend a sense of humor and adventure to your exploits.A good starting point, Semans says, is the Rabbit Habit—the vibrator popularized by “Sex and the City” that is now available in elastomer, a version of rubber made flexible without the use of phthalates (a compound often used to make plastic pliable that has been linked to hormonal disruptions).Try a Toy If you’ve fallen in to a sexual rut, “using a sex toy is great way to open up new vistas and infuse new energy into a sexual relationship,” says Anne Semans, author of T.“You never know what you’ll learn about your own sexuality.Studies have found that sex produces less stress and better moods, and can even help prolong your life.A study that followed North Carolinians for 25 years found that women who reported enjoying their sexual encounters lived longer than women who didn’t.

“If you do this routinely, you’ll build new neural pathways that connect lovemaking and feeling great.” Love Your Lube Sometimes the obstacle to good sex is purely physical: a lack of vaginal moisture can make sex uncomfortable, or even painful.To relieve some of the physical impact of stress, Steelsmith recommends supplementing with Chinese Ginseng, which supports the adrenal glands and helps the body handle stress more effectively.“Chinese Ginseng increases your tolerance for stress, which means you’ll have more energy for love making,” she says.“One of the best tonics to boost a woman’s libido is cordyceps, a Chinese herb that builds both yin and yang energies,” says Laurie Steelesmith, N. She advises taking 500 mg two to three times per day on a long-term basis to rebuild your internal source of sexual energy.Stop Giving All Your Energy to Stress Although there are those who swear by the power of a quickie to nip stress in the bud, for most women, stress kills sex drive.

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